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A Journey Through Black History Activity Book

Dive Deep into History: 'A Journey Through Black History' Activity Workbook

Celebrate Prominent Leaders & Inspire Active Learning for Ages 9-12 From Crosswords to Creative Prompts, Discover Activities Designed to Educate, Reflect, and Immerse. Ideal for Home, Classroom, or Homeschooling

Journey alongside towering figures of Black history through 95 immersive activities crafted specifically for children between 9-12. This workbook illuminates the lives of iconic leaders, inviting children not just to 'fill in the blanks' but to ponder, reflect, and engage deeply with their legacies. With a diverse mix of word searches, drawing exercises, vocabulary challenges, and introspective prompts, we aim to nourish both mind and soul. Whether for individual study, collective family exploration, or classroom enrichment, it's an invaluable tool to kindle meaningful conversations and inspire young minds. Ignite a passion for history and foster a deeper understanding of the world. Secure your copy and let's embark on a transformative journey together! 🎓📚🖍️

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A Journey Through Black History Activity Workbook

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Satisfied parents from around the world!

"This is an amazing and important book. This is a subject that really needs to be acknowledged as an important part of America's history. Extremely clever and thoughtful projects allow children to learn about people like Rosa Parks and George Washington Carver in a fun, imaginative, and easy to understand way. This book will nurture and feed the interests of children in the people featured in the book and black history in general to stoke the desire of studying and learning even more about them. I have not seen a better introduction to black history than this book. Adults could benefit from this book as well. I enthusiastically recommend this book!"  --Ed USA

"Although these names are all prominent figures and should be familiar to those who study Black history, the way the author introduces them encourages kids to get to know them through creative and interactive activities included throughout this book. This is NOT a simple connect-the-dots / coloring-template sort of book. It brings the figures to life on a more personal level than just reading about them in a history book. Furthermore, it is reassuring to know that this book underlines several Black female icons in our history. Well designed and illustrated, this thoroughly-thought-out publication is impressive enough for adults to appreciate as well."  --K.T.  FRANCE

自宅教育のために購入しました。Word scambleや塗り絵パズルで楽しみながら学ぶことができます。

                --Kanako  JAPAN

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