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Greetings and warm welcome! Every step you take towards nourishing your child's love for learning strengthens their foundation for a brighter future. When you guide your child beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom, you light up their path to discovery and wonder. And the spark? That's when they take charge of their learning, with passion and zest. Here at LilliWorld, we're thrilled to be a part of that illuminating journey!


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Our workbooks have been created so children can work independently at home. However, they have also been designed so that parents and caregivers can get involved too! We want to foster a love for learning that the whole family can be a part of. It is always wonderful to see families taking learning to a new level. For you this may look like discussions over a meal where children are able to make real world connections, linking what they have learned in school and at home, and can be done at any age. For example, with the youngest learners, you can have a discussion about the letter 'A'. Talk about it's sound, all the things you can think of that begin with the letter A, collect or make a list of items found in various rooms that begin with 'A', make 'A' artwork! For older children, the conversation starters and prompts found in the activity books can be an easy way to make this happen. You may even wish to create a poster or mini-exhibition together based on prompts. Alternatively, your family may enjoy reading a book together and researching topics further online or by visiting the local library. Be creative and have fun!

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Do the pages of our workbooks beam with your child's pride? It’s time to share and shine! Introducing our exclusive Facebook Group where your 'Show & Tell' moments await. Post your child's masterpieces, share joint projects, and revel in the accomplishments of others. It's incredible how sharing a single achievement can ripple into inspiration for many. This space thrives on positive vibes, collective encouragement, and a warm sense of belonging.

Dive in, and embrace the joy of learning with LilliWorld. Together, we make magic! 🌟 Welcome aboard! 


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